Since 1990 Pribo has been trading on both the Italian and international markets. Its strategy is maximum specialization and a constant search for innovative solutions that meet the most varied woodworking and handling requirements.

Pribo was set up by technicians with many years’ experience in the industry. Over the years Pribo has become a reference point in the woodworking sector. This is reflected by the hundreds of plants that it has supplied, always to completely satisfied customers.

Our project studio is the heart of our business and is there to help your business regenerate and grow.

Design, production, installation, training, technical Service for Sawmill machines and plants

Timber handling

Conveying, cross-cutting, debarking, measurement, sorting, impregnation

Planks and beams production

Conveyer plants for Vertical log band saws, Canters, Resaws, Gang Saws, Edgers, Multiple Rip Saws, Cross-cutting machines, Planers.

Semi-finished products handling

Sorting plants up to 50 boxes, stacking and destacking lines for planks, cross-cutting, measuring, stamping, impregnation, classification, storing, machines and plants for prefab house. assembly tables.

Chipping plants

Separation, recycling and chipping of wood working offcuts.

Plants for poles processing

Round and shaped poles for palisades, prefabricated house, children’s playground equipment.

Machines for different products

Machines and plants for woodwool. machines and plants for wood shavings for animal bedding.